Terms and Conditions


BeaverDriver company operates in the main cities of Ukraine. It provides private transport services, such as airport transfers, hourly car rental, tours to Ukrainian sights. Customers (users, clients) can make a booking of the desired service via website BeaverDriver.com, email or phone.

BeaverDriver provides its services in partnership with local transport service providers (TSP) independent of BeaverDriver. Therefore, BeaverDriver makes the necessary arrangements with the transport service providers in its own name, which provides the customer with an entitlement to carriage over the TSP. Consequentially, Users are entitled to demand travel services and other claims directly from the TSP.

The Customer uses BeaverDriver only as an intermediate or an arranger and not as a transport service. The compensation claim of BeaverDriver is made up of arrangement fees as well as the advance payment made by BeaverDriver to the TSP.

After an order is made, the client receives a confirmation letter with all order details and total cost of the order at his/her email. The arrangement agreement between BeaverDriver and the client for the requested travel service comes into effect only through a separate statement (“Booking Confirmation”) by BeaverDriver per email. The User themselves is then entitled to demand the transportation services from the TSP directly as well as to make further claims directly against the TSP.

These Terms & Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) are a set of rules and agreements between customers and BeaverDriver. They are also described in details, which travel services BeaverDriver provides, and conditions of use of those services. Deviations from the User Terms, even in the case of letters of confirmation and unreserved services, are hereby rejected.

If client orders and uses BeaverDriver`s services, he or she agrees with these Terms.


We urge to leave your order details carefully. BeaverDriver is not liable for wrong order details and further poor quality of service. Registration using automated methods is not recommended.


In this paragraph described details of the Customer’s Ride, the Customer can only make demands to the transport service providers, if they are agreed upon in the arrangement agreement with BeaverDriver.


Vehicle categories and models

BeaverDriver offers a wide range of vehicles to its customers. There are 4 vehicle groups presented on the website: Standard, Comfort, Van и MiniBus. During the booking process, clients see examples of cars in each class. These are not connected with any right to a particular vehicle model for the booked vehicle category – regional differences are especially possible. If for some reason, we cannot provide a client with an ordered car class, we provide a higher car class without any additional payments from the client.

Carriage of animals, baggage

During the booking process, on the car choice stage, there is information about each car capacity. It describes how many people and bags can carry each vehicle. If a client has more bags or they are too large, he/she must inform us (notes to a driver in the order form). In the case when a client has more bags than the chosen car can carry, extra charges may occur. Also, a client must inform us when he/she travels with an animal (the full information about a client`s pet should be filled in the “notes to a driver”). In some cases, a driver can refuse the carriage of luggage and/or animals which was/were not agreed to.

Carriage of children

BeaverDriver offers child seats to its clients for an extra fee. When a client travels with a child or children, he must inform us about a number of child seats and the age of the children (notes to a driver). According to the safety rules, minors must travel in cars using seat belts or child seats, depending on the child age. Minors should travel with a responsible adult.

Vehicles capacity

Every client can see a capacity of each vehicle during the booking process and choose an appropriate car. The driver can refuse the carriage of customers or baggage if he believes they compromise the space and safety conditions.

Prevention of carriage

The driver can refuse the carriage of customers or baggage in cases described above: too large amount of passengers or bags; animals without special box (container); when a client did not inform us about a bigger number of people; when a client travels with a children but did not book the necessary number of child seats.

Hourly rides

Hourly rides is a car rental services with a private driver at a steering wheel. A client chooses how many hours he need a car. A private driver will meet a client at the agreed time and place. The minimum duration for the hourly ride is 3 hours. For hourly bookings, the trip must always end in the municipal area of the pickup location. An hourly booking always starts at the pickup time confirmed upon booking.

Forgotten and lost belongings of passengers

When a client lost his/her personal belongings, he/she must inform BeaverDriver as soon as possible. In this case, we will contact a driver, who served the client and try to find out where is the lost thing. We do not guarantee the successful return of the lost belongings. BeaverDriver is not responsible for lost belongings of clients.

The correctness of the data posted

BeaverDriver strictly recommends filling in order details carefully. If a client puts wrong order details (e.g. flight number, meeting date or time, etc.) BeaverDriver does not guarantee to provide quality services. If a client booked and paid for a service with a meeting date that is later than actual meeting date, the order cost must be paid in full amount (100%).

Payment methods

A client has two possible payment methods to pay for BeaverDriver services:

Full online payment. Choosing this payment option, a client pays 100% of the order cost online, using his/her bank-card.

Online prepayment. This payment option means that a client pays online part of the total order cost. The rest amount of money he/she pays to his/her driver by cash at the end of the trip.

All payments are made in euros. Payment fee pays a client.

Delays policy

If a client delays for some reason, he/she must inform us about such delaying. In case of flight delays, our drivers monitor clients` flights via specialized web-services and meet customers in time. For airport transfers when a client rides to the airport, BeaverDriver recommends booking a vehicle 2-3 hours before the flight departure, depending on the city and airport. If a client delays to the flight due to mistaken meeting time, BeaverDriver is not responsible for such fault. A driver can be late only in case of extraordinary situations, such as unpredictable traffic-jam, extremely weather conditions, etc. In this case, we contact our clients for further instructions.

Cancellation policy

In case of airport transfer service, a client can make a free-of-charge cancellation if there are more than three hours left before the agreed pickup time. BeaverDriver charges 100% of the transfer cost (without additional options) for clients who make cancellation three hours or less before the agreed pickup time. A client can cancel his/her order by requesting us to do so via email, live chat on the website or by phone.

For prepaid city tours, hourly rides and other BeaverDriver services, a client should inform us about cancellation not less than 24 hours. In the case when a client cancels one of the services above 24 hours and less before the agreed time, the 50% penalty occurs.

For all BeaverDriver services, when a cancellation is made after the agreed meeting time, BeaverDriver charges a client with the full amount.

In the case when full or partial refund takes place, the refunded sum of money will be returned to the bank-card which was used for online payment for the order. The refunded money will be returned to the bank-card during 3-5 bank days.

Changes to booking

Depending on what change in order a client wants to make, BeaverDriver can reject in such request or approve. For some changes (e.g. pick-up and drop-off places, date and time of the meeting, car class) BeaverDriver can charge a client extra payment. If a client wants to change his/her order, he/she needs to contact us via email or live chat. To avoid misunderstanding, a client must inform BeaverDriver the order number and what details he/she wants to change. After this, BeaverDriver will inform a client about the decision and extra charge (if applies). Such conditions are actual for all BeaverDriver services.

Non-arrival terms

In case of non-arrival without cancellation, BeaverDriver evades its responsibility for providing a service; however, this does not affect the compensation claim of BeaverDriver towards the client.

For airport and train stations pick-ups, the non-arrival without cancellation means that a client has not shown up without cancellation and contacting BeaverDriver. We provide our clients 60 minutes waiting time for airport and train stations pickups and 15 minutes for other cases. If a customer does not show up within 30 minutes after the agreed meeting time, the ride must be paid for in full, whereas possible surcharges for waiting time do not apply. In the case of flight/train delays, the agreed meeting time changes proportionally. From this rule, situations are excluded in which a client and BeaverDriver have agreed on another pick-up time by any appropriate way (phone, email, live chat).

In case of hourly rides, the non-arrival without cancellation means that a client has not shown up after the agreed meeting time and during all the time he/she had booked. From this rule, situations are excluded in which a client and BeaverDriver have agreed on another pick-up time by any appropriate way (phone, email, live chat).

Client`s behavior

During riding, clients should make everything needed for the safe ride. It is therefore prohibited for passengers to open the doors while driving, throw any objects from the vehicle, and/or stick body parts out of or shout from the vehicle. Smoking is prohibited in the passenger part of the vehicle. The consumption of food is discouraged. Alcoholic drinks are only allowed to be consumed in the car with prior consent. All clients must follow the instructions of the driver, who is responsible for a safe ride. If a client wants to use some devices in the car, he/she should ask a driver about it. If a client breaks the rules above, a driver has a right to stop providing a service. In this case, BeaverDriver does not refund an order cost.


Compensations related to order cancellation are described at the cancellation policy above. BeaverDriver also informs clients about cancellation compensations when sending a confirmation letter. When a client is changing his/her route to the bigger distance, or the total number of hours of the hourly ride is bigger, the client will be charged an extra fee according to that change. If the route is changed to the shorter, or the total number of hours of the hourly ride is less, than booked, BeaverDriver charges the client at the same amount of money.

Waiting time for transfer services

BeaverDriver`s clients have 60 minutes of waiting time for airport and train stations pickups and 15 minutes for other locations. In case of flight/train delays, the agreed pick up time will be changed according to the time of such delay. Each additional waiting minutes will be calculated as a flat-rate, including all taxes, fees and tolls. The cost of such extra waiting time depends on the particular municipal area as well as the vehicle category.

Waiting time for hourly services

During the hourly ride, when a client needs to have more riding hours than it was booked, he/she will be charged an extra fee according to the number of extra hours spent and the cost of one hour for particular vehicle type. If a client needs extra riding hours, we recommend contacting us and discussing further actions and the final cost of the service.

Payment terms

BeaverDriver`s clients can pay full order cost online using bank-cards, make a partial payment online and the rest sum by cash to a driver at the end of the trip. Fees for online payment via website and bank transfer are carried by the client.


BeaverDriver provides its clients invoices only by request of a client. If a client requests an invoice, we will send it via email.


BeaverDriver is not liable for the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or timeliness of the free content and programs of BeaverDriver, nor for any damage arising therefrom, except to the extent that such damages are caused intentionally or by gross negligence by BeaverDriver. This applies to all kinds of damage, especially damage caused by errors, delays or interruptions in the transmission, or problems with technical equipment and service, incorrect content, omissions, loss or deletion of data, viruses or in any other way due to the use of this online offer. Furthermore, BeaverDriver is not liable for the availability and efficiency of the features offered.


BeaverDriver does not reliable for the third parties websites and the risks related to visiting of those websites.


The client releases BeaverDriver of all claims and expenses, including appropriate attorneys fees, levied against BeaverDriver by a third party for any use of the BeaverDriver services by the client which violates the agreement or is a breach of these Terms.


BeaverDriver reserves a right to change and improve its products and services (e.g. transfers, tours, etc.) in a way that is appropriate to the client.


The content, such as texts, photos, videos, and web-pages, contained within the BeaverDriver website and other tools, enjoys copyright protection.


These Terms & Conditions are the entire agreement between BeaverDriver and the client of the service. Any changes to these Terms must be in written form. The same applies to changes or additions to this written-form requirement. BeaverDriver has a right to change these Terms and inform its clients of any changes via email or in any appropriate way. If a client does not object to the new Terms within 14 days of the information being published, the new Terms then apply to the client. If a client continues to use BeaverDriver services and its website, that is mean he/she accepts the new Terms.


For all legal relationships between BeaverDriver and the client, the law of Ukraine applicable to domestic business is effective. Place of fulfillment is Kiev. Exclusive place of jurisdiction is Kiev, insofar as the client is a merchant according to the Commercial Code, or, upon suing, has no fixed place of residence in Ukraine. Legally binding jurisdictions remain unaffected.


If any provisions of these Terms prove invalid, unenforceable, or contain loopholes, the remaining provisions remain in effect. The parties are obliged to replace the invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provisions with ones that come closest to the meaning and economic purpose and the intent of the parties.